On Death and Dying

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To read Sita’s latest blog post on death and dying, karma, reincarnation and catholicism please go to her new blog http://yogini1.com/pages/21-on-death-and-dying .

How to Be Positive

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Sita is moving her blog to a new location. To read this motivational post on how to be positive go to yogini1.com

Advanced Beginner’s Short Yoga Class for Busy People

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Sita is moving her blog to a new location, to see this video go to yogini.com

Practice along with this short advanced beginner’s yoga class for busy people. If you don’t have a lot of time, this is a good class to get you up and moving a little bit. The class includes initial relaxation or savasana, sun salutations, shoulder stand, plow, fish, seated forward bend, inclined plane, cobra, half locust, half spinal twist with straight legs, and final relaxation.


Most Beneficial Yoga Postures

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Many times as yoga teachers we are asked which are the most beneficial yoga postures – which postures will give you the most benefits? While no yoga postures should be treated as prescriptions (they should all be incorporated into a more complete yoga practice), these 6 postures, plus sun salutations, are considered to give the most benefits. Please remember that you benefit from all yoga postures, at the level at which you are. Enjoy!

This video is guided by Sita, and was recorded at Yoga Vidya ashram in Bad Meinberg, Germany, where she worked as staff for 1.5 years.

Sita is gradually migrating this blog to her new location – see her new website and blog at http://www.yogini1.com .

Fall photos at Yoga Vidya

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I took these fall photos on the grounds of Yoga Vidya last week. If you click on the thumbnail photos at the bottom of the post they show as a gallery, which looks better I think. om om.

dew on grass fuzzy mushrooms mushroom clump oak leaf path pine cone red berries single mushroom small clump 1 small clump 2 small clump 3 under mushroom 1 white flowers white in grass white mushroom above white mushroom clump from side white mushroom underneath yellow leaf pile

Common sights around Yoga Vidya

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I’ve been here a month now, so last week I took my camera around with me to take photos of some of the more common sites around Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg. These are things I pass everyday.

This is a slideshow so click on the first picture to get started.

Flowers in Germany

June 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Om om Everyone,

Since I last posted I took the major step of moving to Bad Meinberg, Germany to live at Yoga Vidya Ashram. So far it has been wonderful, but I’ve been super busy trying to learn everything and deal with the paperwork and things on this end. I took a few minutes the other day to take some photos of the beautiful flowers around the area. Enjoy!

bleeding heart blue bonnet 1 blue bonnet 2 buttercup leaf magenta 2 magenta moss orange pansy blossom pansy pink purple rhododendron 1 rhododendron 2 white