One Minute Meditation

I’ve been to meet the guru and she told me that I can’t expect the results of my yoga practice to come to fruition without meditation and pranayama. Asanas alone are not enough.

Like all things, what you get out of something depends on what you put in. There’s no doubt about it. I still practice asanas every day, and my pranayama is pretty good, but since starting a regular 40 hour job I find it’s difficult to set a regular time to practice meditation, and that I am inconsistent in how long the sessions are.

A wise friend of mine said, “Habits are the life hack of the lazy.” Then very profoundly suggested I try a one minute meditation, because surely if you can’t find a regular time for that… um, maybe there is a bigger problem…

And so I began, and from the one minute mediation I will rebuild my meditation practice breath by breath.

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(photo March 2017 – AD)


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