Pen Challenge

The other day I was looking out the window at my fence and I had the nonsequitous idea that I bet I could go the rest of my life and never buy another writing pen or pencil. The reason being there must be billions of them floating around out there and if I tried I could probably acquire 10 new pens a week without much effort. Besides that I know we must have hundreds of pens and pencils around here.


We counted.

Sandra had around 120 pens and pencils in her desk. She doesn’t hoard them. She is the most frugal pen/pencil user on the planet. One at a time she uses a pen all the way until it dries up. One at a time she uses a pencil until it is a 1″ nub. She has accumulated them for years as we had to buy required amounts of school supplies every year that never got used up. We don’t buy the required supplies anymore.

I had 63 pens and pencils in my desk including rollerball pens. To my credit 10 pens and 20 pencils were still in the boxes from when I bought them at the 10 pens for a dollar (and 20 pencils for a dollar) back to school sale. I like office supply stores. That’s my excuse.

In the end Nicole never counted because her pens and pencils tend to be spread all over the house and are more of a challenge to count. She already uses pens and pencils as she finds them and they come and go.


Anyway, I told Sandra that since she turns 18 in about 2 weeks she should make the resolution to see if she can go her whole adult life and never buy a pen or pencil. After some discussion she said I should start this as well on her 18th birthday.

Then followed about 2 hours of discussion proposing “what if” scenarios and ground rules. What if rollerball pens are on sale for 1 penny? Or two pennies? Or three pennies? What if someone gives you a gift of a pen or pencil? What about art pens or pencils? What about refillable leads? Is it ok to collect them, or just use the ones that come to you? And on and on… 🙂 .

Anyway, we took the challenge. If you would like to join us in our never-buy-another-writing-pen-or-pencil-for-the-rest-of-my-life-challenge you are welcome to.

After we made the commitment, we counter-intuitively went to the art supply store so Sandra could buy the last pen of her life. We started early but the official challenge start date is September 16.


Athletic Runner Game

My daughter found this game on the internet. You are supposed to use the letters Q W O P to make the athlete run down the track.


It’s quite funny trying to make him run, but we can’t seem to get the right sequence to get him to go any appreciable distance.  It’s a lot harder than you’d think.

If anybody out there can figure it out please let me know what the trick is.