Birth of a yogi

A yogi friend of mine died a few days ago. He may have been the most authentic yogi I ever meant, meaning he never tried to adapt any dogma or try to “be like a yogi”, he just was a yogi.

Let me explain.

Six or seven years ago my friend got diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer. Pete was given a month or two to live. His life insurance paid out, and he decided to use that money to cure himself.

The substantial amount of money he received allowed him to travel many times to Germany and other places from Australia to try various kinds of alternative therapies. He did lots of yogic practices as alternative therapies. Mostly they all worked until the last 4 months following complications from a surgery, when the cancer spread to his liver and he lost the battle.

I met Pete in Germany 3 years ago and was impressed by his yogic qualities: unending happiness, spreading joy and love, practicing lots of sadhana, lots of forgiveness, everybody and every religion equal. And all that while battling some pretty serious health issues about which he never complained, he considered it a blessing. He touched a lot of lives these past few years.

Anyway, he’s left earth and has been born to a higher realm.  If he comes back I suspect he will be blessed with many yogic qualities.


“Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!” ~Hamlet

Om tryambakam x 1008. You will be missed by many people.


One thought on “Birth of a yogi

  1. Thank you for writing this. I didn’t know that about his life insurance paying out. What a blessing. He seems to have done the most he could with it. He certainly lived long past his diagnosis.

    This is a lovely picture of him.

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