Lance Armstrong and the Media

So Lance Armstrong is all over the news again, this time because he allegedly confessed to Oprah yesterday in an interview to air at a later date that he did use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) during his cycling career.

Honestly I think this illustrates a problem that has more to do with our media and how we judge what is important than it does with Lance Armstrong and what he did.

Of course I should say here for the record that no cyclist should rely on the use of PEDs to advance their career blah blah blah, and that it was wrong, blah blah.

The thing is that all cyclists who are well-known probably use PEDs. And the events with Lance Armstrong occurred many years ago. Some as long as 15 years ago. Lance was really good at not getting caught. And most likely he has a huge ego-driven urge to prove himself because of the extent he went to to sustain his lies. That is his issue and now his karma to deal with.
Lance Armstrong Headshot (BlackWhite)

However, since that time, Lance Armstrong took the money that he got from cycling and he used it to create the Livestrong organization that has helped millions of people to overcome their own cancer and to improve their lives.

In the main Lance Armstrong has done a lot of good for the world. By comparison his cheating in a sport and lying about it afterwards are pretty minuscule. It’s a sport in the end.

People say well the organization is based on a lie! How can I believe him now he lied to me! But the truth is, even with the PEDs he still overcame cancer and he still had to ride the races and win them. He still had to create the organization and run it.

So I wonder why the media is all over this, their need to air the details hourly, and crush Lance Armstrong like a bug into dust until he confesses in a fit of tears or whatever in a press conference and pays back the money and we can all go righteously on our way because we saved the world from a guy who cheated in a sport and then lied about it.

I want the same news coverage for the corporate CEOs and financial business people and military hawks who truly do bad things to the world. Who decimate our planet and plunder its resources, and who indiscriminately kill innocent people all over the world to advance some agenda they have and satisfy their greed. And then lie to us and say it’s to further peace in the world, and to spread democracy, and we all have to sacrifice.

Those are the people who are truly bad. They are the ones killing the planet and the people who live here and there is not a word of real coverage about this, and they are not going to have to go to prison or pay back the planet or the families of the dead people. Where is the righteous indignation for these guys?


Lance Armstrong is just a guy with a big ego problem and he did some questionable and wrong things on a public stage. But in the main he’s not that bad a guy, and the media should focus on more important things.


One thought on “Lance Armstrong and the Media

  1. Om Sita.

    You make a good point but besides the cheating he was pretty ruthless in attacking anybody who accused him of what he was actually doing. This is a good article:

    Not counting his insulting all my fellow country-folks! He was saying that people in France did not like him and that was quite right. The reason is most people here had the feeling that his persona was closer to the one described in the article above rather than the hero that was marketed.

    And by the way, French people did admire and like a lot Greg Lemond who was the first American to win the TDF. They could connect with him even though he was from the US.

    Obviously you are right in the sense the media should have other fish to fry, but then what the media decide to prioritize is oftentimes very messed up.

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