New online yoga store

The Advaita Yoga Ashrama (AYA) has a new online store. They carry mostly yoga books by Swami Sivananda, but also books by other authors, malas, ayurvedic soaps, and a few cds and dvds. They will be adding more products to the store in the coming weeks, so check back regularly.


3 thoughts on “New online yoga store

  1. Hi Sita,
    I get these injections every six months in my left knee after having full knee replacement and two other surgeries in the right knee three years ago. This injection is fantastic and it definitely does work. I still can’t squat or do sun salutations (which is killing me because I want to do them) and I can’t kneel, but the constant, burning pain associated with the arthritis is virtually gone. I highly recommend this method. I should also say I had major damage to my knee from the arthritis and the Synvisc works with your own body to manufacture cartilage. Ingenious product.

  2. Hi Victoria,
    Glad to hear your knees are doing much better. There is a very gentle version of sun salutations you might be able to try on this youtube video . It’s produced by the yoga vidya group, where I went to visit in Germany. You do have to put some weight on the knees, but it is not a kneeling position, and you may be able to use a thicker pad or something to make it softer. Let me know if it helps. Glad you are still interested in getting back into yoga.

    1. Thank you, Sita! I wonder if I can use the knee position just when I go down onto my knee, but still do the inverted poses. I like down dog and cobra and since losing 73 pounds I can do things much easier now. I still want to lose another 50 pounds and since going vegan it comes easy. Next step, as much raw eating as possible. And yes, of all my Buddhist practice, yoga is one of the most beneficial. It helps to burn away some of my energy while energizing me. It’s a paradox, but the energy I generate from yoga is a different kind, it is gentle and strong. It’s very interesting how the masters somehow figured this our for us. Amazing.

      Stay warm,

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