Leftover Trip Photos

So now I have posted all the major events from our trip to Germany and Paris. Here are a few photos that are interesting but didn’t make it into the other posts.

1 film crew frankfurt

When we were shopping in Frankfurt we stopped to rest on one of the little brick hills around the trees. Right next to us a film crew set up and started filming what looked to be a commercial. It was interesting and we watched them for awhile.

2 solar panels BM

At the Yoga Vidya center in Bad Meinberg they have lots of flat rooftops. They are taking advantage of this and slowly putting solar panels on their roofs. They have some solar panels already and are adding to them. We got to watch their progress day by day from our balcony. This is as far as they got when we left.

2.5 dancers on seine

When we got to Paris the first night we took a boat ride on the Seine. When we floated past the University of Paris there were all these little quays, or whatever you call them, and people were dancing. We noticed in general lots of people hang out along the Seine at night.

3 pont alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III.

4 guy at notre dame

When we went to Notre Dame we had to wait in a slow moving line. It eventually paid off because the tour of the towers is much less crowded. While we waited there was this guy in a mask who would go up behind unsuspecting tourists and put his arm around them and when they turned to see who it was, it was quite a shock. Most people were good sports about it and it was hilarious.

5 boulangerie

Fancy dessert at the Boulangerie.

6 boulangerie

Another view.

7 no smoking ashtray

We had a no smoking room at our hotel in Paris. They informed us of this with a notice in an ashtray.

10 sandra hotel window

Here’s Sandra looking out the window of our hotel room. You can see a bit of the courtyard. I wondered how old the original structure of the hotel was, and how many times it had been redecorated inside.

8 ducks at eiffel tower

When we went to the Eiffel Tower there was a nice park that started right near the base. Along the path there was this mother duck with eight ducklings. For some reason the two pigeons you see at the edges of the photo kept attacking one or another of her babies. And then she would counter-attack. No one could figure out what it was all about but she did have a number of tourists verbally cheering her on as she defended her babies.

11 security for bastille day

On Bastille day they shut down many streets for quite some distance around the Champs-Élysées. This picture is taken at the corner of the Rue de Rivoli where the ferris wheel and the Louvre and the Jardin de Tuileries all come together. If you watch the Tour de France it’s the same corner where the riders come out from underneath the tunnel and turn left onto the Rue de Rivoli. Anyway, we had just eaten breakfast (croissant!) at that little cafè on the corner where we watched these policemen patrolling the shut down Rue de Rivoli. Seriously, that street is normally insane with traffic and there was not a single car except for a few official vehicles.  They also shut down some of the metro lines that day so we had to walk across the Seine to get a train to the Rodin museum.

9 gold statue by rue de rivoli

At that same corner is this statue, which you may recognize from Tour de France coverage.

12 butterfly at rodin museum

Butterfly on the path at the Rodin museum.

12.5 ohlala

This souvenir shop near the Louvre stole my web design business’ name. haha.

13 train to frankfurt

Somehow on our train ride from Paris to Frankfurt we got seats in this booth. There was a sliding door to shut out the noise and the seats were much more spacious than the normal seats. The train ride only took 4 hours and was quite nice.

I may have a few more photos to post at some future point when Sandra loads her pictures on her computer, otherwise this is the last post from our trip.


2 thoughts on “Leftover Trip Photos

  1. Very nice photos and stories. Some places look familiar to me and I guess you had an excellent time in Europe.

  2. Thanks to everybody who sent me nice comments here or via email about the pictures and posts from our trip. We did have an excellent time – I’m ready to go again soon.

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