Place de la Concorde, Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe

Place de la Concorde

The Place de la Concorde is between the Jardin de Tuileries and the Champs-Elysées. The whole time we were there they had trucks, barricades, port-a-potties and I think also a grand-stand set up around the Place. I think this was for Bastille Day, and then it was left up for the Tour de France. We never could get as close as we wanted to or find an unobstructed view. Here are the few pictures I did get.

1 pdlc

Here is the approximately 3300 year old egyptian obelisk from Luxor. You can see the Arc de Triomphe in the background, which is much farther away than it looks in this picture.

2 pdlc top

Closeup of the gold top of the obelisk and the heiroglyphics.

4 pdlc streetpost

They have these ornate street posts all around – Eiffel Tower in the background – again much farther away than it looks here.

5 pdlc fountain

This is the famous fountain at the Place de la Concorde. You can see behind the trucks and port-a-potties, etc.

6 pdlc fountain close

Close-up of the fountain.


We walked along the Champs-Elysées several times. Some people are not impressed saying it is just a street, and while this is true, it is a pretty grand street. It is lined with fancy apartments, shops and places to eat, but it had a nice feel to it and we liked walking along there.

2 ce s&n streetpost

Sandra and Nicole by a Champs-Elysées street post.

1 ce cobblestones

The famous cobblestones. They are actually quite rough. It must be something for the Tour de France riders when they have to bike over this.

3 ce lunch

We ate lunch at this fabulous pizza place along the Champs. It ties for my favorite lifetime meal. One thing you can say about Paris, every single place we ate the food was fantastic. Even at the touristy spots they never compromise on the taste or quality of the food.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is at the other end of the Champs-Elysées from the Place de la Concorde. It is definitely the highlight of the avenue. We were there twice, once to look and once more to go on top.

1 adt

Arc de Triomphe from across the round-about.

adt carving

Close-up of one of the carvings on the front.

5 adt flame

There was an eternal flame which I think is for the men who died in World War I. I don’t read French but going by the dates… The sun was setting behind as it was about 9pm when we went there to go up on top and take these pictures.

6 adt top level louvre

From the top of the Arc de Triomphe – close-up down the Champs-Elysées towards the Louvre. You can see the Place de la Concorde, the Jardin de Tuileries and the Louvre behind.

8 adt louvre top far

Same thing but not a close-up. Gives you a better idea how big everything is.

7 adt sacre coure

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, “Basilica of the Sacred Heart”

9 adt eiffel

Eiffel Tower

10 adt stairs

Again with the stairs. I think only about 80 or 100 for the Arc de Triomphe and they let us take an elevator up and walk down so it was not so bad.


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