Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum in Paris is full of the art that Picasso himself considered his best works. Not necessarily the art that is critically acclaimed.

I wanted to go because of all the famous artists, I understand Picasso the least. Some of his early pieces are ok, but his later works I really don’t like, and I thought, maybe if I could understand him better I would like it better.

The Museum is in the Le Marais district, which was full of narrow streets, cool shops and neat cafés. Unfortunately I was taking a break from picture taking and did not get any pictures of this. The following pictures from the museum were taken by Nicole. They did not really like our taking pictures within the museum so these were hard to get.

1 le chèvre the goat

The Goat, Le Chèvre

2 picasso's right hand

Cast of Picasso’s right hand

3 for the owman in a long dress

For the Woman in a Long Dress

4 head of a woman

Head of a Woman

5 matisse still life with oranges

Here’s one by Matisse – Still Life with Oranges

I was glad to have seen the museum.


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