Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a magnificent monument. It’s just beautiful – and from so many different places around Paris you can see it and orient your direction. The first time you see it, it is impossible not to break out in a huge grin, because, there it is, what you had only seen in pictures before that, now in real life.

15 view from arc de triomphe

One of my favorite pictures was this one, from the Arc de Triomphe at about 9pm.

01 et at night

This is a photo Nicole took at night while we were on our boat ride along the Seine.

13 view from street

One morning we decided to go see it and go up in the tower as high as they allow. We took the metro to the Champ de Mar exit and as you come walking up you see these beautiful flowers and the tower behind it.

14 view 2 from street

Another view of the same thing, but better.

1 underneath et

It’s huge. This is the underneath as we were waiting in line.

2 pillar plus people

It opens at 9am, we got there at 9:15. Already there were tons of people. Here is the line going towards the South Pillar where we bought our tickets.

11 stairs

Somehow, even though we bought a ticket for the lift, they said the lifts were not working. So we had to climb, first 350 or so steps to the first level. Then to save some money we climbed another 350 steps to the second level. This is a big mistake. If you go, hold out for the lift and pay the money 🙂 . They number the stairs and I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not as you are climbing. Anyway, we all made it.

3 arc de triomphe from et

Finally, from the fourth level we got some good pictures all around the city. Here is the Arc de Triomphe.

4 seine from et

The Seine looking back towards the Louvre.

6 pont alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III.

5 notre dame from et

Notre Dame.

8 sacre cour from et

Sacré-Coeur Basilica. We never made it there in person but it is quite beautiful from afar.

10 looking up top level

The very top from the second level. All the little pyramidal shaped objects all over the metal are the lights, which at night first illuminate and then twinkle.

9 pigeon

There were tons of people at the Eiffel Tower. Of everything we went to it was the most crowded. Above the platform of people there was this pigeon just sitting there with the best view of the city and out of the way of the people.

12 gardens at base

At the base of the Tower are beautiful gardens that extend quite a distance. We did not explore them too much unfortunately.


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