Le Château de Versailles

On our last day in Paris we went to see le château de Versailles, the Palace at Versailles. It’s about 30 km or so outside the city of Paris, but one metro train gets you there in about 30 minutes.

It was built by King Louis XIV, and then the Kings Louis XV and XVI lived there as well. It all ended when Marie Antoinette spent so much money while all the French people were broke and starving, that the people marched all the way from Paris to end the monarchy and the Revolution began.

1 front outside versailles

Here is the chateau from the front, everything that looks yellow is gold or bronze

2 chapel

This is the two story chapel. King Louis XIV wanted it to be the highest point of the palace. On the second floor above the altar are the organ pipes.

3 blue and gold cup

Overall the rooms did not have many furnishings in them; there was a set of these two huge blue cups…

4 cup closeup

…and one of them had this beautiful carving on the front. Not sure if it was ivory or what it was carved from, but I liked it.

5 statue

There were many beautiful statues. Apparently the Palace at Versailles is second to the Louvre in the amount of art holdings.

6 crown molding

Every single thing is decorated. This is a corner of one of the ceilings. It looks like the painting comes toward you but it actually goes away from you. This picture does not do justice to the real thing, but it does give new meaning to the term crown moldings, which here consist of a piece of white painted wood.

7 louis 14 at 27 bust

Here is a bust of King Louis XIV at 27 years old.

8 bas relief above fireplace

In the War Drawing Room there was this marvelous bas relief carving on the wall…

9 wall with fireplace

…and here’s the whole wall. Again with the amazing crown moldings and ceilings.

10 kings bedroom

The King’s bed. They told us that every single room had been redecorated at least 10 times while it was being lived in.

12 marie antoinette bedroom

Marie Antoinette’s room. When the French people marched from Paris she escaped from this room through a doorway on the left of the bed, that went through some secret passageways.

11 hall of mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors. It is huge in real life. 17 windows on the left match 17 mirrors on the right.

13 gardens with sandra

Sandra outside by some of the gardens. There are also gardens extending to either side of the castle which are somewhat smaller, although I guess huge in comparison to anything I’m used to.

14 backyard at versailles

The backyard at Versailles.


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