Rodin Museum, Bastille Day

On Bastille Day, July 14,  we went to the Auguste Rodin Museum early in the morning. It turned out to be quite a beautiful museum with many of his sculptures outside in very well kept gardens.

1 the thinker

Arguably Rodin’s most famous sculpture, The Thinker, or Le Penseur

2 the burghers of calais

The Burghers of Calais

3 burghers plus nic

There were hardly any people around so Nicole joined the Burghers in their conference…

4 Cybèle by nic

…and stood in for some of the missing sculptures – here she is as Cybèle.

5 Monument to Victor Hugo

Here is a nice one – Monument to Victor Hugo

6 closeup hugo

Victor Hugo close-up

7 Hôtel Biron plus jets

In the middle of the museum grounds there is the Hôtel Biron. Inside are more sculptures, but you can see just above and to the left of the roof top four jets, flying over the Champs Élysées to mark the start of the Bastille Day parade.

8 thinker from afar

The grounds are quite beautiful and here you can see The Thinker from afar, with another sculpture in the lower right corner.

9 La Cathédrale

Inside the museum I liked this one, La Cathédrale.

10 Van Gogh Le Père Tanguy

Most museums have art by other artists, here is Van Gogh’s Le Père Tanguy.

11 Mouvement de danse A

And this by Rodin, Mouvement de danse A, otherwise known by the yogis as Natarajasana.

12 tanks on Champs

After we finished at the Rodin Museum, we took the metro over to the Champs Élysées to try to see some of the parade. It was packed, some of the metro lines were shut down for security. Anyway, it was a military parade, all tanks and other armored vehicles. All we could see were little bits of things – like in the above picture in the very middle you can just see the tips of some tanks. We stayed only a very short time because of the crowds.


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