Bad Meinberg – Haus Yoga Vidya

Before we left for Paris we stayed at the Haus Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg. I stayed there last year and wrote a nice summary in Swami Atma’s blog. It is seriously the best ashram I have been to and I really like it there.

Here are just a few pictures from our time there and some of the things we did.

S&N in train station

We took the train from the main Frankfurt station

view from our window 5am 7-1

View from our room at 5am on a misty morning

5am from our window

Another view, same morning

exterstein stones

We went to visit Externsteine – this is probably the most viewed angle of the stones there

s&n at exterstein

Sandra and Nicole climbing the rocks

s&n in detmold

We went to visit the neighboring town of Detmold where we did some shopping,

and learned how the bus system worked

moon over bm

Early evening view of the moon from our room

Siva murti

Siva, one of the beautiful deity statues at Yoga Vidya

We all had a wonderful time there. We stayed about 2 weeks and were able to take many yoga classes and attend satsangs, pujas, and a 108 hour gayatri yajna. I hope I can go again soon.


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