Paris – Notre Dame

I haven’t posted in awhile, so I will have to back track at some point and fill in the last couple weeks. Today I wanted to post some pictures because of the amazing sight-seeing.

We got to Paris last night and took a boat ride down the Seine at dusk. The best photo is this one of Notre Dame – a minor miracle of a photo because the boat was moving and it was getting dark:

notre dame from boat

Today we walked to Notre Dame to see the inside and go up into the towers. Here are Sandra and Nicole on the way, sitting on Pont Neuf above the Seine:

sitting on a pont neuf above the seine

Outside the Cathedral is a nice sculpture of Charlemagne:


Inside the Cathedral I took bunches of photos. Rose windows and all that, but I especially like this sculpture on the altar:

altar in notre dame

Also I like the gothic architecture. There was an amazing array of hallways within:

gothic hallways notre dame

Notre Dame’s most famous gargoyle, which is really a chimera as it turns out:

gargoyle chimera famous pic

I took quite a few photos of many of the chimeras because they are really something to see up close. You have to climb 400 steps like this:

400 steps

… and then go back down. But it is totally worth it.

This is a nice view of the Seine from Notre Dame looking towards the Champs-Elysèes and the Louvre and all those amazing buildings:

seine from notre dame

Lunch at a vegetarien restaurant we found in St. Germain:

lunch vegetarien


tex mex

I took 281 photos since yesterday. Glad for my digital camera.


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