Today we arrived in Frankfurt following a long but otherwise uneventful plane trip. After we checked into our hotel and rested a bit, we took a walk along the Main River:

s&n along main river

There was a cool path of sycamore trees paralleling the walkway along the river:

path of trees

We then took a walk through parts of the old town of Frankfurt. It was an amazing mix of historical buildings and new shopping malls. Here is part of the old town square:

old town square

Right across from that is the little chapel of Alte Nikolaikirche:


nikolas kirche

We did some window shopping. Unanimously here is our favorite store:

douglas store

We discovered the old town hall, or Ratskeller, shown in the center of this photo:


To the right in the above photo is a bridge over the street. When you walk underneath it there are men carved in stone holding it up:

men holding bridge 1

men holding bridge 2

At the end of the street is a little clock tower:

rathaus church

The shops started closing around 7:00 pm so we headed back to our hotel.  We have free internet there as it turns out so I will try to post some more pictures tomorrow.

Gute nacht!


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