Hashima Island

Awhile ago I posted an entry on Swami Atma’s blog about the book “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman. I really enjoyed the book which described what changes would take place in the world if all the people were suddenly gone.

Now on the History channel there is a show called Life After People. It’s just like the book but they have different topics to keep the show stretching out week by week. Sometimes there is video from places that have been abandoned by people for various reasons and they document the changes that occurred since the people left.

Last night they showed video of Hashima Island. Hashima Island is located off the coast of Japan and was once the most densely populated city on earth. Mitsubishi housed all the people there. They were mining for coal under the ocean floor.  40 years ago the island was abandoned because the use of oil was more prevalent and the island became a ghost town overnight.

The island was also called “Battleship Island” because from afar it looks like a battleship. It was actually mistakenly torpedoed by the Americans during WWII:


Here’s what Hashima Island looked like when it was most crowded:


Here’s how it looks now:


These steps were the only way up and down:


Somebody’s house:




City street:


Anyway, I think it’s interesting how nature takes it all back if not for people’s constant efforts to keep the maya going.


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