Vishuddha Chakra

Vishuddha Chakra – ‘purification center’

The vishuddha chakra is located in the sushumna nadi at the base of the throat. It corresponds to the laryngeal plexus. It’s element is ether, or akasha, represented by a white circle like the full moon inside a pure blue circle. It’s bija mantra is ham. There are 16 smoky purple petals which contain the Sanskrit vowels in crimson: am, aam, im, eemm, um, oom, rim, reem, lrim, lreem, em aim, om, aum, am, ahm. The presiding deity is Sadasiva, the ever-auspicious aspect of Siva.

vishuddha chakra

“He who concentrates and ultimately achieves meditation on this chakra attains high success. He enjoys complete knowledge of the four Vedas and knows the past, present and future.” ~ Swami Vishnu-devananda, Meditation and Mantras

In Indian mythology, the battle between good and evil is represented by the devas (gods) and rakshasas (demons). After one of these big battles Vishnu attempted to resolve the conflict by churning the ocean (representing the world and the mind). Many things came out of the ocean including the nectar of immortality and poison. The devas got the nectar but nobody wanted the poison. So Vishnu asked Siva for advice. Siva drank the poison which became lodged in his throat, giving him the name Nilakantha, or blue-throated one.

This mythological story means that at higher levels of awareness, when vishuddha chakra and higher chakras are awakened, the poisonous aspects of existence become powerless. Both internal and external negativities become neutralized. The nectar of immortality is stored and the body stays young.

The vishuddha chakra is associated with the sense of hearing. The jnana-indriya or organ of knowledge is the ears. The karma-indriya or organ of activity is the vocal chords. It is the seat of the vijnanamaya kosha.


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