Swadhishthana Chakra

Swadhishthana Chakra – ‘one’s own dwelling place or residence’

The swadhishthana chakra is located in the sushumna nadi in the genital area. In the physical body it controls the kidneys, lower abdomen, and sex organs. Its element is water. There is a white crescent moon in its center within which is the bija mantra vam.  It has six vermilion petals which have the mantras bam, bham, mam, yam, ram, and lam written on them in the color of lightning. The presiding deity is Vishnu.

swadhishthana chakra

The white crescent moon in the center of the chakra is formed by two circles which also have lotus petals on them. On the outer circle the petals turn out; this represents the conscious dimension. Within the inner circle the petals face inward; this represents the unconscious dimension and the store of karma.

“Quote removed per request from Satyananda organization – copyright violation” ~ Swami Satyananda, Kundalini Tantra

Swadhishthana chakra is associated with the sense of taste. The jnana-indriya or organ of knowledge is the tongue. The karma-indriya or organ of activity is the sex organs. Along with the manipura chakra, it is the seat of the pranamaya kosha, or pranic body.

“Meditation is fixed on the crescent moon in the chakra. It gives control over the water element and confers psychic powers, intuitional knowledge and knowledge of astral entities. Many impure qualities are annihilated.” ~ Swami Vishnu-devananda, Meditation and Mantras


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