World Religions

Recently I stumbled across a website called Religion Facts that tries to summarize quite a number of the world’s religions in one place.  They present this information under the premise that religion is interesting and knowledge is good, and that throughout all of history everybody asks themselves the same basic questions about the meaning of life, how to make the best of it, what happens after you die, etc. The goal of their website is:

… to provide free, reliable information — “just the facts” — on the various answers that have been given to these questions, as well as the rituals and customs that go along with them. This very broad definition means that we have articles on a wide variety of world religions, both ancient and modern, as well as “ways of life,” philosophies, mind-body teachings, and even some anti-religion systems like ancient Epicureanism and modern atheism.

There is a quick reference comparison chart, call the Big Religion Chart where you can compare and contrast the similarities and differences between all the religions with some useful links. It is a difficult challenge to try to condense the nuances of a whole religion into boxes on a page, but I think they do a pretty good job with it.

Like they teach us in yoga, in the end it seems there are more similarities than real differences, and the true essence of all religion is the same.


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