School Starts

Today the kids in our area went back to school. We had a long summer; they are starting school a couple weeks later than they used to around here. It makes more sense for a number of reasons – one important one being the cost of air conditioning when it’s 100°F (40°C) outside.

Today is the first school year in 12 years I don’t have to drive somebody to school.

Anyway, this morning I asked them if I could take their picture on the first day. Unbelievably they said “yes”, so here they are:

That’s Sarada on the left, she’s a junior in highschool. And Shakti on the right, a freshman at the same school.

Here is how they looked on their first day of school in 1999, when going into kindergarten and 2nd grade:

That’s Shakti on the left and Sarada on the right. They went to Catholic school for a few years – see the uniform.

Time flies.


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