US Olympic Swim Team

The Olympics started a couple days ago and I have been watching some of the events as time allows. As a kid I watched a lot of the Olympics and to this day I still remember some very amazing moments: Olga Korbut ’72, Nadia Comaneci ’76, Franz Klammer ’76, US Hockey Team ’80. Those were some spectacular athletes competing in their sport like nobody else in their day.

This year I tuned in hoping for some good competition. This is much harder to find these days with the mediocre sports coverage all chopped up to fit in between the ads and the athlete’s life stories. The momentum of the events just doesn’t seem to build.

But last night was an exception. Because of the time difference, NBC was showing live swim heats from China. And the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay was spectacular. France was the overwhelming favorite to win, and if you haven’t seen the race, watch this:

Good luck to Michael Phelps on his gold medal journey, and to the rest of the US swim team as well.


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