Sip Stealing and Life Imprisonment

From what I understand, “sip stealing” means filling up your cup with a soft drink at a self-serve location, drinking some of it, and then refilling the cup.

Recently the Coca-cola corporation started a global ad compaign called “Coke Side of Life”. One of the segments features a man doing just that – stealing a sip from a self-serve location in a convenience store.

The ad closes with the message: Sip stealing is not a felony in all 50 states.

Well it turns out that this may not be true.  According to

Despite Coca Cola’s commercial proclaiming that “sip stealing is not a felony in all 50 states,” Thomas Gomes of San Diego, California was recently convicted of it for his third strike and thus received mandatory lifetime imprisonment.

I can’t even think of what to say about this – I know verifies their facts, but I have a hard time believing that even with all the problems in our judicial and prison systems that this would happen. Anytime the thinking process is circumvented by “mandatory” rulings there are going to be problems. I guess this would prove that point.


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