Myofascial Release Physical Therapy

Over the past few weeks I have been going to a physical therapist to get some myofascial release treatments. I had been getting some headaches and for a long time had a problem with one of my shoulders turning in more than it should.

In case you don’t know what fascia is, it is located between the skin and the muscles and bone, wrapping all around the muscles and internal organs. It covers the whole entire body in one big piece kind of like a spider web.

There are lots of reasons why there can be restrictions or tightness in fascia: injury, stress, poor posture, etc. If you have restrictions in one place, the effects can be felt in numerous other places anywhere else in the body. Myofascial release tries to remove these restrictions and restore tissue health.

I have to say that this technique really works and is quite amazing. Starting out with a shoulder problem that was giving me headaches, we have discovered that I also had some adhesions in my back, and also quite a bit of tension in the legs. I had no idea that by releasing the fascia in the calf muscle, that it can be felt all the way up through the face. Or stretching out the shoulder can be felt in the toes.

Part of the therapy includes learning how to do the releases myself so that I will be able to make sure over time that the restrictions don’t come back.

Here is my physical therapist Danica from Therapy in Motion. Danika is also a yoga practitioner herself which is quite helpful for the therapy:

Because I am such an avid yoga practitioner, it was surprising how much myofascial tension existed in my body. Since starting the therapy, I have noticed a big improvement in some asanas – postures that had seemed to not progress for a couple years now are. And I feel more “even” across the sides of the body when doing them.

My recommendation to check out myofascial release therapy goes out to anybody who feels chronic tension in any part of the body, or if you have some limb or limbs that just won’t seem to stretch out. The technique, like yoga, takes some time, but seems to be well worth it.


2 thoughts on “Myofascial Release Physical Therapy

  1. Hey there, logged in on m’s sign in. I also have to say that after finding Danica, and Alexis (who is my Physical Therapist at Therapy in Motion) I feel so much better. I have different issues, but mine also stem from myofascia pain. Alexis will be releasing something on my calf and I feel it all up my back. These women are truly dedicated practitioners of physical therapy and I highly recommend them.


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