A Washing Machine That Only Uses One Cup of Water

Professor Stephen Burkinshaw from the UK has invented a new washing machine that needs only one cup of water to wash your clothes. It uses reusable plastic chips that tumble around with the clothes and at the end they are are almost dry, so you don’t need a dryer either.

The machine uses thousands of reusable plastic chips to remove and absorb dirt. Tests have shown the machine can shift virtually all types of everyday stains, according to a team at Leeds University.

The machine uses quite a bit of the plastic chips, (approximately 44 pounds), which can be used 100 times before they have to be changed. It also requires detergent along with the one cup of water.

Plans are to have the machine available in the UK by 2009. I sure hope we can get something like this in the US – our current washers and dryers are using considerable amounts of water and energy to get our clothes clean.

We’ve shown that it can remove all sorts of everyday stains including coffee and lipstick while using a tiny fraction of the water used by conventional machines.

~ Professor Burkinshaw

See the whole article here.


One thought on “A Washing Machine That Only Uses One Cup of Water

  1. It seems I hear news about such breakthroughs on a daily basis. I think 2007 was the year society at large really became aware of environmental problems and from now on, for the first time, some serious efforts will be made to find real solutions to the problems at hand.

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