Hinduism, Deities and Yoga

It happens very often that people think yoga is part of the Hindu religion, or that because I practice traditional Sivananda yoga which is based somewhat on the Hindu religious deities and other philosophies, that I am a Hindu.

While traditional yoga practices are spiritual (not religious) in nature, they are often associated with the Hindu religious deities because yoga originated in India where Hinduism is prevalent. Yoga practitioners can practice any religion, or none at all.

The quote above is from the AYA (Advaita Yoga Ashrama) website. They recently started a section on the Hindu deities which explains all this, and puts to rest some of the misguided notions about all the deities. If you want to know more about this, I recommend checking it out.

Pictured here is the Hindu God Ganesha, remover of obstacles.


5 thoughts on “Hinduism, Deities and Yoga

  1. miss let me tell you
    hinduism is not a religion………. shocked but the truth is this…
    hinduism was not founded by a single person
    so we can not call it ‘ism’
    secondly hinduism means people living in india –(derived from sindhu)

    religion are man made and are for fool..
    we are taught by the eternal and must know its value…

  2. Namasthe Sita: Any one who searches after truth is an automatically a Hindu, since Hinduism stands for RELENTLESS SEARCH AFTER TRUTH. Even an atheist who searches after truth is automatically is a Hindu.

    The best aspect of Hinduism is


    Even atheists can call themselves as Hindus. That is very true. In fact the CHARVAKA philosophy or NASTIKA philosophy, [existed during the Vedic period] founded by CHARVAKA rejected the existence of God and considered religion as an aberration.

    Voltaire in Essay on Tolerance wrote:

    “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death, your right to say it. ”

    Hinduism is the symbolic representation of what Voltaire wrote.


  3. Sita, what matters is that if Yoga gives you peace, then continue to practice it. I must point out though that Yoga did originate in India and is described in Vedic scriptures very clearly. However, as you say just because you practice Yoga you are not Hindu. However, please be clear that this practice did originate in vedic scriptures, which is part of Hinduism.

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